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What has massage to do with self love?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We generally choose to receive a massage to relieve pain, improve movement in our joints, release stiffness, recover from emotional and mental stress, and relax.

A very precise way Generally with remedial massage, I work in a very precise way isolating edges of muscles, fascial adhesions, fascial lines of pull, fascia bunching, areas of excess energy and heat, areas of deficient energy and cold as well as different textures of the skin, fascia, muscles and bones.

This precision provides the person receiving the massage valuable sensory input to increase their awareness and understanding of their body. This awareness and understanding of their body can help them alter their movements and the choices they make in their lives.

Self care and self love When they act on this awareness and understanding this could be called self care and the impulse or intention to make this act or acts of self care could be call self love. Self love comes before the act of self care. We can also make an act of self care because we are sick of pain, sick of being stiff, sick of being tired and/or sick of being sick. This act would not be an act of self love since we are acting out of frustration, an emotion that also uses our kidney energy and makes us tired. A setup for not very sustainable results – perhaps short term gain for long term pain. We are stuck in a perpetual cycle.

Connection to our innermost Massage when performed by someone who is connected to themselves and their innermost (or inner-heart) can support and allow us to surrender into a deep state of rest and repose – a connection with our innermost. Especially effective in this regard is Sacred Esoteric Healing, a non-intrusive, non-invasive technique that offers us an opportunity for quiet and stillness. This quiet and stillness can facilitate deep changes within and deep healing of the true cause of our ills or feelings of internal dis-ease. The word ‘esoteric’ refers to this place of repose – ‘the innermost’.

This is an example of how massage can support us to develop more self love and as our body receives more self love it changes to be more receptive to love making it easier for us to once again develop more self love. More self love leads to more self care. Another perpetual cycle though this time it leads to more healing and more self love and a return to who we truly are – which is love.

Feeling disturbance If the person performing the massage has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs, overeating, not sleeping, mentally or emotionally upset; we can feel this disturbance through our sixth sense – our clairsentenience and they will not be offering us a safe space during massage for us to drop and surrender into our innermost. They will not be offering us through connection to their innermost a reflection of who we truly are.

What is important? The massage techniques and the way the person lives who is performing the massage are both important in assisting through massage to support and offer us space to heal and to develop more self love on our return to who we truly are – which is love. Best wishes in being you. With love Kevin

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