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About Kevin

My name is Kevin Fitzgerald and I enjoy being of service and giving high quality, professional and caring massages to enhance the true health and vitality of human beings.

Since my first massage course in 1985, I have followed my interest in massage, health and well-being through courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, educational videos and books as well as giving over 20,000 massages and receiving over 700 massages.


I have undertaken extensive study of human anatomy, physiology and psychology, musculoskeletal pathology, history taking, clinical assessment, and Western, Eastern, Hawaiian and Esoteric forms of massage.


I am a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), the largest natural therapists' association in Australian. If your health insurance policy includes Remedial Massage Therapy, you will be able to claim a rebate for massage treatments you receive from me.


Brunswick Heads Massage was established in March 2015 to support people in caring for their bodies and to develop the awareness and responsibility needed for true health and vitality.  This includes locals and visitors to this beautiful part of the world.


For bookings or a chat about your health, please call or SMS or Whatsapp

+61408 694 655.


We have chosen him to deliver in-service to our staff and found his knowledge to be top class.  He is simply, a very good clinician which is reflected in his thriving personal business."

Michael Dalgleish

Physiotherapist to the Australian Womens’ hockey team and the Brisbane Broncos rugby league team

Why work with Kevin?

I support people in caring for their bodies and to develop the awareness and responsibility needed for true health and vitality.

My attributes:

a)  I am highly educated and skilled in massage, human anatomy and physiology, musculoskeletal pathology, assessment and treatment.

b)  Since 1989 I have worked full time giving remedial massages to over 20,000 people as well as for seven years lecturing in massage therapy-related subjects and supervising the Remedial Therapies Clinic at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane and on the Queensland Gold Coast.

c) As well as operating my own private massage practice, I have worked in four medical and physiotherapy centres in Brisbane, in the renal unit of the Royal Brisbane Hospital as well as delivering lectures for Sports Medicine Australia and the Queensland Academy of Sport. I undertook work experience at the Australia Institute of Sport in Canberra, ACT.

d) I enjoy living as a tender, delicate, caring, nurturing and loving man and am committed to a way of living that supports my connection to my body.  Self care and self love guide the movements I make in life whether these are my thoughts, actions or words. I eat foods that nourish me and avoid foods that dull and dampen me and create artificial highs and lows.


I feel blessed to live in a beautiful place with wonderful people. I am fortunate to be able to give massages and support people to be in their bodies and feel how amazing they truly are.  I see the essence in all human beings and treat them with decency and respect. I am part of a very supportive community and enjoy actively participating in community events in the Byron and Lismore Shires.


My awareness and appreciation of others allow me to accept and to communicate without judgement or criticism.  And finally, I have a warm and wonderful sense of humour, a compassionate heart, a gentle nature, and an integrity that allows me to create a safe and supportive space for you.


How I work

I combine my extensive knowledge and experience of human beings, massage, touch, yoga and exercise with the important knowledge and experience that you, the client, has of your body and your life.


This approach allows us to collaborate as a team and work in a way that produces amazing results neither of us could achieve on our own.


Each human being has contained within their body the imprint of how they have lived.  My highly developed understanding of how the human body communicates and my ability to articulate this to you, the client, to deepen your connection with the wisdom stored in your body.

Since the body never lies, your body wisdom is a powerful guide to treatment. This approach may support you to embody the changes since you have been actively involved in your treatment and have learnt more about your body and yourself.

An assessment is made to help formulate a treatment plan with you. The assessment can be brief or extensive depending on your needs.  Assessment can include history taking; previous treatment; reading X-ray, CT Scan and MRI reports; orthopaedic testing; body reading; postural assessment; palpation and visual observation.


The treatment plan may include massage, exercise prescription, information for understanding your body, and self help strategies.  Referral to medical doctors and other health practitioners for further assessment or treatment is recommended when necessary.


As mentioned above, I value suggestions you give me about your body and life experiences.  Your input is vitally important.


Exercise prescription and self help strategies available to you are based on 40 years personal experience training as an athlete and a student/teacher of yoga; 33 years of clinical experience and client feedback; as well as extensive study about the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful aspects of human beings.



"My husband and I booked massages with Kevin after reading about his vast experience on the website and we were not disappointed. We felt relaxed and refreshed after our massages and came away with advice on a number of issues of concern discussed during our massage sessions. We applied some of this advice as we walked to the river entrance along the Brunswick break wall and concluded it was very beneficial and felt positive about continuing. We will definitely book with Kevin again when next we are in the area."


Carol Reynolds

Illawong, New South Wales





I have achieved excellent outcomes for many different types of clients – in hospitals, natural therapies practices, private medical and physiotherapy practices and as a sole practitioner. My clients are typically people who want to make changes in their bodies and their lives so they experience more ease and vitality. People who want less pain and less stiffness.

You may be a potential client if...


You maybe a potential client if:

You are seeking assistance to relieve physical pain, stiffness, congestion and fatigue caused by postural strain, illness, injury, emotional and mental fatigue, or physical exhaustion. You may also be needing relaxation and nurturing and time to connect with your body and yourself.

One of my skills is to see and feel fascial tension and adhesions that restrict the function of your muscles, joints and organs and adversely affect the smooth running of all systems of your body. Another skill is to identify the causes of imbalance and how to support your body in returning to ease and harmony. These causes are generally a mix of how we physically, mentally and emotionally engage in life as well as our relationship with our personality, our spirit and our soul.


My experience is that when our physical body moves with ease and harmony we make more loving choices in the thoughts we think, the actions we make and words we speak.  This movement is influenced by the gentleness of our breath and our connection to our inner-heart.

"Kevin is very good at his chosen profession of massage.  He is also a caring and helpful person. I would certainly recommend him."


Bill Lenehan

Albany Creek, Queensland


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