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Relaxation Massage for Well-being – an opportunity for you to stop and be still.  A moment for the therapeutic benefits of repose.

Relaxation Massage can support the reduction of muscle tension and stress, throughout your body, while giving you the opportunity to truly rest and connect with your body. 


It can support an improved quality of movement, posture, sense of well-being and develop deeper body awareness, with gentle and supportive techniques.

Long, luxurious strokes, delightful kneading, and perhaps some rhythmic rocking from side to side combined with comforting pressure and unhurried movements are used to support you as you lie still and replenish.


Often as you receive a massage, anything that has been disturbing you starts to clear, leaving you to feel lighter and more settled by the end of your session. Your smile often returns to your face and your eyes light up.


Regular caring touch from massage can help maintain a healthy immune system. If you do not receive sufficient caring touch, often your health suffers – you become lack-lustre, depressed, moody and your resistance to infection is reduced.


Benefits may include promoting a sense of well-being, improving your blood circulation, helping flexibility in your connective tissue and having a supportive influence on your body’s digestive, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems.



"Kevin is gifted with a wonderful intuition.  His understanding of people allows him to work within the confines of your comfort zone.


I was lucky to accidentally discover Kevin and have found that he has helped incredibly with my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Its hard to sometimes let your guard down and trust people, but Kevin creates a safe and comfortable environment which enables you to do that with comparative ease. If you are looking for some massage therapy for help with health, stress or a treat, then you should let Kevin help you.  He has certainly helped me."


Amara Campbell

East Brisbane, Queensland



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