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A combination of massage techniques and stretches to assist athletes and dancers. Regular sports massage is a valuable aid to training and preparation for all sports people and dancers.

Sports Massage can support to speed up recovery from injury and extensive training by:

  • optimising tissue repair

  • reducing muscle soreness, tightness and fatigue

  • improving local blood flow

  • aiding in the removal of toxins and waste products

  • increasing body awareness

  • helping relax the body, mind and spirit.

This can enhance your performance, you also might find you spend less time in pain and struggling, and more time fit, healthy and enjoying your sport or dance.

Kevin’s has provided sports massage for hundreds of athletes and dancers including for:

  • Noosa and Bribie Island Triathlons

  • GPS Swimming Championships, Brisbane

  • World Masters Games

    • Baseball, triathlon, swimming, diving

  • The Australia Ballet

    • In season at QPAC

  • The Queensland Ballet

    • Thomas Dixon Centre and in season at Suncorp Theatre and QPAC

  • AANA National Netball Championships

  • ACT Open Women’s Netball Team
  • New Zealand Netball open and under 18 teams

  • WTA Women's Tennis Tour



"Being an endurance swimmer, I clock up a lot of mileage in the pool every week which puts a lot of pressure and strain on my body.  Since seeing Kevin on a regular basis (for remedial and sports massage) to assist me in recovery and ensure my muscles are kept at an optimum level to train hard and perform, I believe my consistency in the water has improved dramatically.


I have been seeing Kevin for the last two and a half years which correlates to the period of time where I started making big breakthroughs and finding impressive form in my sport.  I have worked with many masseurs on Australian Teams who are considered the best in elite sporting circles and in my opinion Kevin has better technique and is more attuned to finding exactly what your body needs than most.


He is very experienced, professional and takes great pride in offering his skilful service while providing a very warm, caring and relaxed environment.  Consultation is not limited by time either, but rather when he is satisfied that he has achieved what your body needs which greatly exceeds what any patient would expect."


Brendan Capell

(2004 25Km Open Water Swimming World Champion and Telstra Dolphin Australian team Member)

Keperra, Queensland



"I have been heavily involved in sport for over 10 years. Initially I suffered many injuries so I decided to try regular massage especially when training is most intense.


Besides allowing me to train more frequently as recovery is better, I have not had an injury in over 5 years.


During this time I have introduced my son Paul to regular massage as he too plays sport at a high level.


Kevin has prevented possible injuries by identifying problems areas whilst massaging Paul."


Del Thistleton

Stafford Heights

Australian Representative World Triathlon Championships



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