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A massage technique that can improve more than the function of your jaw.

20% of the Australian population experience symptoms of jaw dysfunction involving the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

These symptoms include:

  • constant jaw pain

  • jaw pain when chewing or biting

  • clicking, snapping or crepidus when the jaw moves

  • the jaw moving in a zigzag pattern

  • severe cases where the jaw may be stuck open or closed


The temporomandibular joints are part of the stomatognathic system. The Stomatognathic System (SS) is composed of the mandible, maxilla and hyoid bones; dental arches; temperomandibular joints; masticatory, supra and infrahyoid muscles; tongue, lips and cheek muscles that act together as they are balanced and controlled by the central nervous system performing the functions of suction, breathing, swallowing, speech and chewing.


Impaired function of the muscles and fascia of stomatognathic system can lead to a variety of disorders including:

  • tension headaches

  • toothaches

  • earaches

  • tinnitis (ringing in the ears)

  • dizziness

  • Bruxism (grinding of the molars)

  • temporomandibular joint syndrome


Many of these problems are dysfunctions of the masticatory (eating) muscles.

Massaging these muscles (such as the medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid, temporalis, masseter and digastric muscles) can be very effective in restoring normal TMJ (jaw) function and restoring harmony to the stomatognathic system.


The treatment is very subtle and gentle, one finger works inside the mouth while a finger on the other hand works outside of the mouth – very little pressure is used.

Disposable gloves are worn for hygiene

The jaw can also be massaged from only outside of the mouth if you prefer.



I was referred to Kevin by a very good friend of mine.


I received a jaw massage from Kevin, the only therapist that helped ease my jaw pain without making me cry. (I've seen numerous osteopaths for jaw release where I would walk out in tears and bruised jaws but Kevin's approach was gentle and very effective.

After my first session, I had to come back for more. Kevin was very warm and knowledgeable, straight away I felt at ease in his little cosy coconut oil scented studio, he was very professional and also friendly, the kind of energy that would just make anyone open up.

Overall, he's the number one masseuse I'd pick over anyone else I have tried.



Perth, Western Australia



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