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The importance of awareness and massage

Why is body awareness important and how can massage help the awareness of your body?

We live in a society where we are recognised and rewarded for our function or what we do. Our education system, our working life and our relationships promote and encourage our doingness.

Hardly surprising with all this emphasis on function and doing that the bodies that we live in are not noticed until they cannot perform as we wish.

Increase in illness and disease In the so called developed world we are experiencing an increase in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), endocrine and immune conditions, eye conditions, brain disorders, mental health illness and multi-systemic conditions.

Most people are living with exhaustion hidden by alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and sugar. In Australia over two thirds of the adult population is overweight or obese and one in four children are overweight or obese.

Why? What is going on? Why with all the advances in medicine and easy access to food and clean water are we getting sicker? What is going on?

Perhaps what is going on is that we are putting our self care last or not on the list of ‘things to do.’ And perhaps by neglecting our self care we are staying disconnected from who we truly are. Perhaps we need to start listening to our bodies.

Our bodies – the answer? Martha Graham, a pioneer of modern dance, said ‘The body never lies’ and ‘Movement never lies’ and more recently a man named Serge Benhayon said The body is the marker of truth.’

Perhaps they are right. Perhaps the answer to our increasing ailments and worsening health crisis is within our bodies. To learn about your body and to feel what is within you requires self awareness.

Clairsentience You are aware of energy around you and passing through you all the time. You can not turn this awareness off. This awareness is your sixth sense or clairsentience. What most of us have done is disconnect to varying degrees from this awareness and learnt to not trust it and instead believe the thoughts in our heads or the words of others.

The World Health Organisation suggests that 95% of our illnesses are related to our choices and life styles. Whatever wayward spirit that is running our choices, thoughts and actions is definitely not listening to our physical body.

Massage Physical touch in the form of massage is a very important and vital tool that supports and encourages re-connection to your body awareness and eventually your body wisdom and who you truly are.

Being in a massage room with only the the massage therapist is an intimate experience where your body is feeling the energy between you and the massage therapist all the time. Learning to reading this energy correctly will confirm your amazing sixth sense or clairsentience.

While you lay on the massage table, your thoughts and attention are on the feelings that you are receiving from where you are being touched by the massage therapist.

The value of touch Through the touch you are receiving valuable feedback on whether your body is relaxed, tense, guarded, painful, hot, cold, bloated, congested, tight, stagnate, experiencing heart palpations, and whether your breathing is rapid or shallow and if your abdomen is gurgling, fluttery or constricted.

You receive information from all the parts of your body that are massaged as well as their relationships to other parts of your body.

Awareness and regular massage This is a marvelous opportunity to become aware of things that go unnoticed. An opportunity to understand more about your body and to take this awareness into the rest of your life and feel how your choices and movements affect your health.

This a very loving thing to do and for many it is often the only time they relax in their busy lives. Additionally you are developing accurate knowledge of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. This alone is enough to justify regular massage.

The awareness gained from regular massage can help you reconnect to the wisdom and intelligence in your bodies that then guides you in your self care as you adjust your livingness or the way you live to who you truly are. Perhaps you may find your body is divine and connected to the multi-dimensionality of the universe.

Increase awareness = increase responsibility This increased awareness then becomes a call for greater personal responsibility. This increased call to be responsible is often challenging and often resisted and usually shows you that your body is not impulsing your choices, thoughts and actions but some other wanton and wayward character.  Perhaps this wanton and wayward character is the human spirit?

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